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Our Teachers

Born in 1966 in Pingtung, Taiwan, kanpo Zha Xi Mani Rinpoche graduated from the Department of Business Administration of National Chung Hsing University before settling in Taichung, Taiwan.


The inspiration of the Dharma originated from the Pure Land practice method.


Beginners in the Lingyanshan Temple, Kanpo took guidance from Master Miao Lian. He has read the Amitabha Stura, the Diamond Stura, the Fahua Stura, the Dizang scriptures and other Mahayana classics. Under the support of the older masters, Kanpo grew fond of meditation and Dizang practice.


Following this Kanpo Zha Xi learnt Zen Buddhism in Zhongtai Zen Temple. The meditation method requires one to count breaths and control ones own mind.


After an encounter with the His Holiness Jigmed Rinpoche who is a precious Guru from the Nyingma Palyul Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, kanpo has been studying Mahayana and Tantra with Jigmed Rinpoche.


During the period of studying, he has realised that life is like a candle is the wind, time files, and the moment is impermanent. The pain of the six realms reincarnations has never stoped. When would we have this precious human birth to practice Dharma again? Having the motivation to benefit all beings, Kanpo was ordained under the throne of Jigmed Rinpoche. Kanpo has been practicing and teaching Dharma diligently.


At present, Kanpo is stationed at the Six-armed Mahagala Dharma protectors Center in Guangzhou teaching Buddhist courses for local disciples. He wants to help disciples foster the right views in order to have righteous thoughts that benefit themselves and all sentient beings. His ultimate wish is for all sentient beings to accomplish Buddha hood.


Zha Xi

Kanpo Da Wa (Longevity Moon Kanpo)

Under the guidance of his root Guru Jimei Rinpoche, Kanpo Da Wa studied and practiced supreme tantras for 18 years. Kanpo Da Wa is a very knowledgeable learner and diligent practitioner of Buddhism. He has a very advanced study of many Mahayana sutras and supreme tantras, such as: A guide to the Preliminaries for the Heart-Essence of the Vast Expanse from the Great Perfection — Words of my perfect teacher, A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of life, Six in the Self-Release Guidance, etc.

Kanpo’s practice of his conduct, speech and mind are all very diligent. He is an exceptional practitioner and a precious Sangha.

Currently Kanpo is teaching Dharma at the Sakyamuni Buddha Centre and the Twenty-one Tara Centre in Taiwan, as well as teaching online for the South African medicine Buddha Centre and the Thai Padmasambhava Centre.


Da Wa

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